Sad to see it finish!

Has everyone else been following the Celebrate the boy month over at MADE and Made by Rae's? So much boy-ie goodness! And perfect timing too because a very sweet little friend of mine turned one today and I had so many brilliant ideas to choose from.

I decided to make him some personalised shirts following some brilliant tutorials on MADE.

This is what I ended up with....

The grey one is the only shirt I actually made, the other two I bought plain shirts for. I followed Dana's 90 minute shirt tute for it. Very fun, easy and I am thinking...could be very addictive!

Find it here...

I did the "MUM" using felt ironed down using wonder-under and stitching on with black thread.

The Uno shirt was also inspired by a freezer stencil Dana made. Then stitched in all the black details. Very fitting since the little recipient was turning one today!

Find Dana's freezer stencil tutorial here...

Using the freezer paper technique again, I found this image online for Mack trucks and the Birthday Boy's name is Mack. So it was perfect!

I am going to miss "Celebrate the boy" month!! If you haven't seen it, check them out in all their glory over at


Thanks for such an inspirational month ladies!!

Bec xoxo


sofia's sketchbook said...

hi bec......thank you for your post over LBB....had so much fun making those and my twins of course look super super your boy post....i did too enjoyed this boy month over made.....such a creative bunch.......LOL,spfoa

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