Taking a minute

Hey there beautiful bloggers!

I just wanted to share a tiny part of my day today. Bean and I were rushing out the door as usual and walking hand in hand down the stairs. We got part of the way down and she stopped and wouldn't go any further. I was just about to pick her up and keep going when she tilted her head up and closed her eyes.

I stopped what I was doing and tilted my head up too ( I didn't close my eyes because I DON'T trust her on the stairs yet) I felt the sun on my face and the breeze whispering past, I heard the soft twinkling of the chimes near my ears. I just took a minute.

Then Bean smiled this beautiful big smile, opened her eyes and continue down the stairs.

I learn so much from this amazing 18month old about appreciating the world around me. There are so many things I take for granted. I am so thankful I get to see them all again through her beautiful eyes.

Look what came in the mail!!

Eeeek we are so so excited to show off our new Chimi Changa dress!! I am so in love with this dress. The colours and the screenprint, oh its all just too cute!

You can find your own HERE

and if the gorgeous dress wasn't enough you also get a free owl print with it!!

I am getting quite a collection of them. I bought two, won one and got one free with the dress. They are adorable! When I finish making frames for them I will post a piccy for you all.

In other news See Sam now has a facebook page! Yay! We are almost at 50 fans and decided we will have a giveaway when we get to 100. So come join us and tell everyone you know :D
You can find us HERE
Hope you all have a brilliant mothers day.
xoxo Bec

Introducing...The Generation dress!!

We are so so excited to introduce our newest item in the See Sam store...
The Generation dress!!

Made using the Sienna dress pattern under special license from Lil Blue Boo

Here are a couple that are in store at the moment

These funky dresses are made from a combination of recycled old school tee's and new funky fresh knits. So comfy and just plain ol' fun!
What do you think ?
Bec xoxo