Comic fun for your little artists

Hey there beautiful bloggers!
Its holiday time here, Yay!!! But its also a rainy day. So to keep the boys ( and me) from going to stir crazy in the house we came up with this idea...

Make your own comic books!!

Binx and Beef could draw all day long and they love reading and comic books so we combined their love and here it is.

Super simple to make. I finally figured out how to add documents (yay me!) so I have included the cover page and the blank pages for you to print out. Just make sure your set to landscape before you print.

Blank comic book pages

Blank comic book title page

I went with cardboard for the cover and back cover - just left that blank.
and printed out about 10 pages of comic strips on plain paper.

Next I use a two hole punch on the left side of the paper.

Then bound all the pages together with black string. Wind it around through the holes a couple of times. Just a hint - Leave the string long after tying it off for now. My boys changed their minds a few times and we had to untie the string so it is easier if you don't cut it short just yet.

Then let their imaginations run wild!

Have fun everyone!
xoxo Bec

The latest

Hey beautiful bloggers!

I was so excited to see this post the other day on Lil Blue BOO!

We are having so much fun since we bought the rights to make and sell LBB's sienna dress pattern. Here are a couple of them that are in the shop...

Also we are adding personalised shirts and dresses shortly too. In custom colours and letters or numbers. So much fun! Here is Bean in her custom jersey style shirt.

Also we have joined the Twitter-ers of the world! If your on come follow us on

and if you haven't joined See Sam on facebook yet now would be a great time because we are giving away a free custom dress or shirt to a new fan and a friend. So come over!

OK that's all the updates I have today, working on a cute skirt tutorial for you all, I have made two and have almost perfected it.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend and to you Aussie Mums - great school holidays!!

xoxo Bec