I went to my uncles wedding on the weekend and got talking to my Grandmothers sister, my great-aunt Jean. We were talking about sewing and she was telling me how on a Saturday when they were younger she and my Grandma would go pick out some fabric and she would whip her up a skirt to head out on the town in on a Saturday night. Then after having kids she would make all of their clothes too. Now she is addicted to quiting and doesn't sew too many clothes anymore.

She offered me her prized patterns and sewing books that had been very well loved over the years. They just turned up and I wanted to share a couple of pictures with you of some of the amazing things I received.

Just look at all that! I was squealing with delight going through it all.

These ones are my favourite! Enid Gilchrest self drafting pattern books. The designs are so timeless! They are just gorgeous!! I can't wait to make this little tunic dress and some of the party dresses for little bean, and there are gorgeous coats and classic pants for boys too.

This is priceless, through the sewing books, Jean has written notes and drawings. I will learn so much from her experience. I am so so honoured to have been handed down these items and I hope one day that I can pass them down again and with them also pass on a love of sewing.

Bec xoxo


daniii♥ said...

Awesome!! You lucked out here!!

Bec said...

absolutely! I am having so much fun going through all the patterns.

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