Fabric Book cover

Hey there,

I finally got my 2010 diary for the year. I have been looking since January for the perfect one, but they were at least $40 for ones that had all the features I wanted and didn't look hideous. Well this little one I found on special for $7 with everything I needed was boring and manly looking.

Thank goodness for crafting blogs though! I remembered this tutorial from the brilliant V & Co.
and made this....

Ahhhh much better! I used up some fabric scraps and made it into a diary I actually want to use and carry with me. Its soooooo not perfect, all crooked and only just fits, but I love it, and it was quick and easy to make. Oh and its removable so I can take it off and put it on next years diary too.

That's it for me tonight, hope all is well in your world tonight!

Bec xoxo


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