Store update!!

Hey there beautiful bloggers!

I have been busy busy busy stocking up the Made It store. Meanwhile Bean has been taking advantage of my distraction to spread buttons from one end of the house to the other.

But it was worth it! We are all stocked up and ready to sell sell sell! If you get a second stop on by the store at

But here is a little sneak peek at some of the things available...

Dancing on wall street tunic

Grandma's garden twirly dress

Lotus Blossom top and bloomers

Funky girls bibs...there are some very cool boys ones available too!

And more! So stop on by!

Talk soon,

Bec xoxo


LiEr said...


Thanks for stopping by! I can't get over how cute those bibs are!
Sorry to comment here in an irrelevant way but couldn't find your email add - hope this is OK.

That pink fabric (it's shocking pink) with the white flowers is something by Heidi Grace, I think. Darned if I know what the name is. I never pay attention to designer names, let alone the name of their particular design. This time I remembered Heidi Grace because it was advertised as being on sale that week and I wrote the name down on my shopping list. I also think she does this line only for Joann fabrics, so if you can get online or to a store, it may still be available. Good luck!

Micayla said...

I adore the lotus blossom top and bloomers. Where did you get that gorgeous fabric from.

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