My favourite room in the house

Hey there!
I just thought I would post a couple of pictures of my favourite room in the house. Little Bean's room. Its so sweet and fun and we have so many giggles and pretend cups of tea in there. Its a great room to be a little girl in... or to revert back your childhood in :)

One more thing that I haven't got a picture of is all the little dresses hanging in her cupboard. After two boys its nice to have dresses! And it makes me proud that most of them have been made by me!
The last picture is a gorgeous little Japanese deity who protects children given to Bean by my beautiful Mum.
and on that note I wanted to give you this link to Lil Blue Boo's website...
100% of all her pattern sales today go to the Three Angel Haiti Orphanage. How sweet is that!! Between today and her previous sales she is up over $1500 in donations.
I love, love, love lilblueboo's Sienna pattern but I am such a cheapskate and hardly ever buy patterns! I would prefer to spend all of my money on fabric and wing the rest. But this was too good to resist, a very cool pattern and for a good cause.
Her patterns come via PDF file so I am stalking my email folder waiting for it to arrive!
That's it for me tonight. Hope all is well in your world tonight.
Bec xoxo


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