Allow me to introduce myself

I have been thinking about starting this blog forever now so I had so many ideas what my first post should be about. But I think I should just start at the start and introduce myself.

Hi, I am Bec.

Since my life revolves around the three little B's in my life I should introduce them too.

Binx, my handsome 9yr old. He is sweet, gentle and loves to read and create.

Beef, my fiery 6 year old. Loving or fighting, playing or destroying... he does it with his whole heart!

Bean, my adventurous 1 year old. She is playful, loving and a little daredevil. She is also my living dressmaker doll for all my designs much to her disgust.

and last but not least Mr B my gorgeous, loving husband. He is the one who bought me my first sewing machine which I know don't know how I ever lived without. He supports me in all my crazy ideas and encourages me everytime I take up a new hobby (a lot!)

I guess this blog will just evolve as I go but I am hoping it will be a place where I can share the things I make and do and all of ideas that go through my head each day, and also a place I can celebrate, vent and laugh about all the ups and downs of being a mum (mostly ups!)

So that's my first post! It is kinda weird writing this, not knowing if anyone is going to read it... but really satisfying too.

Bec xoxo

P.S That is not their real names I promise! and I am not sure how we ended up with two of their nicknames being food items :)


Denielle said...

You have such a gorgeous family! hehe so cute the 3 b's :) I'm already sucked in, can't wait for more blogs to come :D
Deni xoxo

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