Fancy Schmancy!

I was having an absolutely terrible day which involved scraping the side of my car up and miserable crying babies just to name a few, but luckily I have fantastic funny cheerful supportive friends who dragged me out of my bad day! And having a mini super cute photo shoot with bean helps too! Its hard to frown when you see her smile.

I got this idea on how to transform a skirt into a fancy little dress from the beautiful Disney over at Ruffles and Stuff. Find the tutorial here

Here are a couple of pictures of my version:

I got a second hand girls size 12 skirt at a St Vincents for $1. It turned out so girly and sweet. It only took maybe half an hour. So easy!! The only things I changed from Disney's original dress was adding ruffled straps and some more ruffles along the chest.

My favourite bit is the little pick ups with pink ribbon showing off the contrastic fabric underneath. So sweet.
Go check it out if you havn't already.
Bec xoxo


Tonya said...

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS DRESS!!! I was going through Disney's gallery of people that tried her tutorials, and this dress was my FAVORITE! Such great colors and your baby girl is ADORABLE!

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