New Layout!

Welcome to my new look!

I am starting to get the hang of this blog thing a little now so I thought I would settle in and make myself at home. Starting with a More me look. I really like it, what do you think ? Its so much cleaner, clearer and cuter.

Now I need to get a little more acquainted with the ins and outs of the technical side. I finally figured out to hyperlink the other day, yay me! Now I am determined to figure out how to post a collage and a pdf file.

Stay tuned my fellow bloggers!

Bec xoxo

Upcycled fabric rack

I would love love to have a big open fabric cupboard like Heather Baileys

But for now I just have it stashed wherever I can fit it, mainly in big plastic storage boxes. Some of it is just so beautiful, it doesn't deserve to be hidden away! So I decided to make a fabric rack so I can display some of the prettier prints, whatever is my favourite at the time.

I had a old wooden child safety gate that had lost its handles and screws, sorry I don't have a before pic. I nailed the two pieces together and gave it two light washes of cream then sanded back the edges. I finished it off by spraying with sealer so the fabric doesn't get anything on it.

I love the result!

I think I will keep it even when I move into my copycat Heather Bailey studio :P
Very short and sweet post today my beautiful bloggers. My sister is in town and tonight is Ladies night!!! That means plenty of giggles, vodka, pool and dancing.
Bec xoxo


I went to my uncles wedding on the weekend and got talking to my Grandmothers sister, my great-aunt Jean. We were talking about sewing and she was telling me how on a Saturday when they were younger she and my Grandma would go pick out some fabric and she would whip her up a skirt to head out on the town in on a Saturday night. Then after having kids she would make all of their clothes too. Now she is addicted to quiting and doesn't sew too many clothes anymore.

She offered me her prized patterns and sewing books that had been very well loved over the years. They just turned up and I wanted to share a couple of pictures with you of some of the amazing things I received.

Just look at all that! I was squealing with delight going through it all.

These ones are my favourite! Enid Gilchrest self drafting pattern books. The designs are so timeless! They are just gorgeous!! I can't wait to make this little tunic dress and some of the party dresses for little bean, and there are gorgeous coats and classic pants for boys too.

This is priceless, through the sewing books, Jean has written notes and drawings. I will learn so much from her experience. I am so so honoured to have been handed down these items and I hope one day that I can pass them down again and with them also pass on a love of sewing.

Bec xoxo

Sad to see it finish!

Has everyone else been following the Celebrate the boy month over at MADE and Made by Rae's? So much boy-ie goodness! And perfect timing too because a very sweet little friend of mine turned one today and I had so many brilliant ideas to choose from.

I decided to make him some personalised shirts following some brilliant tutorials on MADE.

This is what I ended up with....

The grey one is the only shirt I actually made, the other two I bought plain shirts for. I followed Dana's 90 minute shirt tute for it. Very fun, easy and I am thinking...could be very addictive!

Find it here...

I did the "MUM" using felt ironed down using wonder-under and stitching on with black thread.

The Uno shirt was also inspired by a freezer stencil Dana made. Then stitched in all the black details. Very fitting since the little recipient was turning one today!

Find Dana's freezer stencil tutorial here...

Using the freezer paper technique again, I found this image online for Mack trucks and the Birthday Boy's name is Mack. So it was perfect!

I am going to miss "Celebrate the boy" month!! If you haven't seen it, check them out in all their glory over at


Thanks for such an inspirational month ladies!!

Bec xoxo