Taking a minute

Hey there beautiful bloggers!

I just wanted to share a tiny part of my day today. Bean and I were rushing out the door as usual and walking hand in hand down the stairs. We got part of the way down and she stopped and wouldn't go any further. I was just about to pick her up and keep going when she tilted her head up and closed her eyes.

I stopped what I was doing and tilted my head up too ( I didn't close my eyes because I DON'T trust her on the stairs yet) I felt the sun on my face and the breeze whispering past, I heard the soft twinkling of the chimes near my ears. I just took a minute.

Then Bean smiled this beautiful big smile, opened her eyes and continue down the stairs.

I learn so much from this amazing 18month old about appreciating the world around me. There are so many things I take for granted. I am so thankful I get to see them all again through her beautiful eyes.


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